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About the Product

StoneSkin is made from Natural stone and support backing reinforced with fiberglass, which makes it robust and suitable for both interior and exterior use. They are lightweight, flexible, natural stone with a layer of acrylic on the back which gives it a subtle natural look. The product is available in 2 types of sheets namely Opaque and Translucent and can be used depending on the place of application. For translucent sheet one can let the natural stone surface shine with a light source behind the stone sheet. With this back lighting effect, impressive highlights can be created in private as well as business areas for shops, counters, restaurants or bars.

The sheets are available in standard size of 8x4 and 4x2 having thickness options of 1mm (±0.5mm) or 4mm (±1mm). The weight of 1.5mm sheet is 1.65 kg/m² (±10%) whereas of 4mm sheet it is 6 kg/m² (±10%). This is an all-weather product and can be used in places having varying degree of temperature, moisture or rainfall. It has substantial long life compared to other substitute products and is very low maintenance. Opaque sheet is available in 15 colours and translucent sheet is available in 10 colours.


1MM- 1.5MM Stone Veneer

4MM- 5MM Stone Veneer

We offer our world-class quality translucent stone veneer vast collection and exclusive designs.


Translucent Textures

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